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Alhaaj Malik Javaid Iqbal

Founder & Chairman
Javson Group of Companies
Group of Hotel Javson

Haji Malik Shahid Javaid

Managing Director
Group of Hotel Javson

Malik Rahat Javaid

Managing Director
Group of Hotel Javson

Malik Zahid Javaid

Managing Director
Group of Hotel Javson

Malik Abid Javaid

Managing Director
Group of Hotel Javson

Muhammad Suleman

Cluster General Manager
Group of Hotel Javson

Hotel Javson

Dear Valued guest,
Welcome to Hotel Javson ! We hope that you will be satisfied with our service and have an enjoyable and comfortable stay. Our first and foremost priority is to offer our guests comfortable accommodation combined with a friendly and aentive service.
Should you require any assistance our Manager on Duty is available at your service 24 hours a day. If you have any special request or specific need, please contact either the Manager on Duty or the Reception.

Making your stay a complete success is our goal and we are looking forward to hosting you again. If you are not satisfied with anything during your stay, please let us know. We need your help to improve our service.

Thank you for choosing Hotel Javson. We sincerely hope to have the pleasure and honor of hosting you again in the future.

About Us

Hotel Javson are a premier Hotel Javson group of companies. Founded in 2013, we strive to provide exceptional experiences for our guests, while providing an excellent work environment for our staff and obtaining industry leading results. Hotel Javson is only Four Star Property in Sialkot. Their central location, exclusive views and the excellent gastronomic delights of their restaurants are a distinctive feature of the hotels. Hotel Javson offer an expert blend of the traditional and the innovative, and this provides guests with an unforgeable experience of a personalized and innovative welcome to graceful residences and historic buildings. Hotel Javson is currently in a position to offer more than 48 rooms, as well as 3 elegant and versatile Halls, with the most sophisticated equipment, and capable of accommodating a total of 1000 No. of persons. Hotels welcomed 200,000 guests, achieving an average occupancy rate of 70%. Just 25 minutes drive from Sialkot International Airport, Hotel Javson is conveniently located within 10 minutes driving distance from the main city district, government offices, shopping malls and chamber of commerce.

The hotel has a grand facade, which leads into an elegantly decorated lobby presenting an eye-catching blend of National and International decor. The well-qualified staff at the front desk ensures that all guests needs are met instantly.

Hotel Javson has 3 Banquets, 4 Traditional Restaurants and has 50 luxurious suites and well-appointed guests rooms, which cater to all the needs of the business and holiday travellers. These rooms include Standard Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, Executive Suite and also Special Honeymoon Suite.

Depending on the season and their needs, guests can enjoy more services and special offers for both leisure and business activities.

Business Philosophy

Our philosophy is two fold.

First and foremost, everything we do is centered around our guests and making sure we give them an unforgeable experience every time they stay at our hotels. For our hotel members we promote the unique characteristics of every property and are always seeking new ways to enhance their visibility and sales in the international market

Business Core Values

Hotel Javson is inspired by these values:


To be oneself in all situations, in the knowledge that without the contribution of managers and employees it will not be possible to aain predetermined outcomes. Everyone has the opportunity to freely express their thoughts directly, fully respecting the opinions of others and with an aitude that is honest, polite and constructive. At Hotel Javson work is undertaken through initiative, commitment and motivation. Everyone strives to be an example to others.

Corporate Culture:

The Group’s corporate culture is based on innovative ideas that entail everyone being involved and contributing to the corporate mission, as well as adding to the conviction that service excellence is measured not just by standards and procedures, but by initiative and commitment. Everyone is fully aware that each individual role is crucial, irrespective of whether one comes into direct contact with guests or one is working behind the scenes. The conduct of every single employee influences the image and reputation of the company as a whole.

Business Philosophy

Customizing the service

Hotel Javson is convinced that the process of customising a service begins even before guests arrive at the hotel. This is done by identifying the reasons for their visit, right from the very moment of the booking. In this way it is possible to adapt the offer to meet individual needs, offering a range of options and services that will guarantee a tailored experience.

The service is based on understanding guests’ requirements and it is achieved by training employees to be able to anticipate needs before they are even expressed. This is done in order to instil a perception of care and aention that will render the experience of the stay unique as well as provide unforgeable memories. The hotels also reflect the architectural style and the characteristics of their surroundings, emphasizing the local experience of the guests and strengthening the link with the seing in which they are located

Quality Assurance

Respect, responsibility and commitment are three key elements within Hotel Javson. All of the Group’s hotels will meet specific standards that ensure a consistently high level of quality in accommodation and services, whilst maintaining, at the same time, the character and uniqueness of where they are located. The Group aims to enhance the service still further, given that it is a key element of its corporate mission. Hotel Javson is also aware of the role that correct motivation plays and the aention that has to be paid to the professionalism and beerment of all its employees if it is to achieve high levels of success and profitability. The primary goal of its quality controls, which are ongoing when it comes to facilities and services, is to ensure that what is on offer meets with the needs of customers, ensuring that it is in keeping with the highest standards. From an environmental perspective, Hotel Javson pays a great deal of aention to green issues, which form part of its wider repositioning strategy that began in 2013. The Group, in actual fact, is working hard to put in place processes to constantly improve its performance in terms of sustainability and to map out the environmental impact of each of its hotels.